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Visit the Pilgrim Sites of Buddha for Follow His Footsteps

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As all of know that the Gautam Buddha was born in the city of Lumbini, that is now a part of Nepal but he traveled throughout the Indian and encouraged a lot of peoples to go after in his footsteps. From normal people to Emperors, individuals saw the understanding in his lessons. At one time Buddhism ruled in the land and left behind a rich heritage for us to enjoy. Today, a huge number of Buddhist fans from everywhere throughout the world follow in the path of Buddha, backtracking his adventure, just as visiting probably the most celebrated spots known for Buddhist culture and art. Third Eye Travel presents to you the strides of Buddha visit spread more than 12 days and 11 nights taking you across Nepal and select destinations in India.

The Buddha was the biggest mystic and sage of the East and also one of the biggest psychic teachers of the World. On his philosophy, preachings, and 4 good realities were established Buddhism, the fourth-biggest religion in the world today. He was known as ‘the Awakened One’ or ‘the Enlightened one’.

Here is given some of the best and popular Buddhist destinations that you can visit on your Buddhist pilgrimage tour to get the real knowledge about the life and some of the popular destinations are given here, such as

Buddhist Tourist Places in India

Bodh Gaya

It is one of the best and popular four Buddhist pilgrimage attractions. In Gaya, the Buddha got enlightenment under the Bodhi tree.

The Mahabodhi Temple that was announced as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it houses the Vajrasana and the Bodhi Tree or Diamond Throne, a 80-foot Buddha statue, the Mahabodhi Stupa, a lotus pond, Chinese, a meditation garden, Japanese, Chinese, Bhutanese, Bangladeshi, Taiwanese, Tibetan and Thai religious monasteries.


It is holy pilgrim attractions where the Buddha conveyed his first message that taught the Dhamma (it combining the eightfold path and four noble truths) and designed as the Sangha (basic community). In Sarnath, there is stand the Dhamek Stupa which is 128feet high and as well as the remains of other oldest stupas.

And here, you can also see the Ashoka Pillar that is staying here. You can visit also the Sarnath Museum to watch the lion capital that is the National Emblem of India. Additionally, visit the few religious monasteries from other Buddhist countries.

Where: Near Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

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