Sat. Jan 25th, 2020

Planning To Go Camping? Here Are 4 Mistakes To Avoid!

If you are planning to go on camping for the first time, then you need to avoid numerous mistakes to ensure that you are camping is a great success. Some fundamentalmistakes which you should avoid are:

1-Picking a Tent which is Not Suitable

When you are out camping, you are there to enjoy,and you will not like to waste the opportunity to go out with your family.  However, if you choose the wrong equipment, you may end up spoiling the outing. The most important thing that you should not forget to carry is a decent canvas camping tent which can accommodate all the members in the weather conditions. You should choose a tent which is made with superior, marine grade, and hydra-shield canvas. The tents come with double filled and are twisted for superior strength. The tent should be watertight, breathable and durable as well.  Few things to pay attention to:

  • The tent should remain dry even in the downpour,and the tent should not leak or wick water.
  • The tent should be breathable. It means that the water vapor inside it should allow you to escape and the tent should not remain humid. You should be comfortable while using the tent.

2-Not Taking the Right Food

When you are packing food for camping, you should ensure that it is worth eating even after a few days of stay. Will you like to eat rotten food? Surely not! Many first time campers make this mistake of bringing food which can spoil. They think that the simple cooler will be able to keep the burgers and other meat cool for four to five days. You need to avoid this mistake as if you are planning camping activities like hiking and mountain biking. A better thing would be to bring bags for the trash.

3-Unable To Identify Harmful Plants

You should be able to identify the poison oak and the other poisonous plants,or you may end up into serious trouble on the camping trip. You need to bear this in mind that even an incidental rush may lead to rashes all over the body. There are many cheap plant identification guides which you can use around thecampsite for potential dangers. On your trip to thecampsite, you will get a list of the poisonous plants before you go camping.

4-Trying for Building a Fire

Everyone likes to have a roaring campfire,but if you are interested in the camp-fire, you should bring some logs along with you. Cooking food in the open fire will take hours to cook at a safe temperature with propane or the charcoal. You should bring your portable camping stove to see if they have the stationary grills.

In the End

When you are planning for camping, you should get a canvas camping tentand avoid some of the fundamental mistakes which can turn your outing into a nightmare.

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