Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

Want To Choose The Colored Contact Lenses? Find Out How!

With the help of colored Toriccontact lenses, you can change your eye color and create a look which is subtle, bold or anywhere in mid of it whether you want to enhance the everyday look or want to look crazy for the other occasions.

When you choose the prescription or color contact lenses, they can correct your nearsightedness or the farsightedness or astigmatism. They can change your eye color completely; however, the Plano color contact lenses are worn for cosmetic purposes only. They do not have any lens power for vision correction.

High Cost

The colored Toric contact lenses don’t come cheap their costs can be significantly more than for the regular contacts. But if you want to change your eye colors is worth the price.

Available in Many Types

Most colored contact lenses are designed to give your eyes a natural look. This part of the eye is made of colorful shapes and lines, and few contact lenses have tiny colored dots which are radially arranged in different shapes to help the lenses look more natural. The colored contacts come in three tints:

Visibility Tint

It is a light blue or green tint which is added to the lens to help you see better during the insertion and removal. As these tints are relatively faint, they do not affect the eye color.

Enhancement Tint

These are solid but translucent tint which is slightly dark than the visibility tint. They are meant to enhance the natural color of the eyes. The colored contacts which come with this tint work best if you light glowing eyes and when you want to make your eyes look darker.

Opaque Tint

As the name suggests, these tints are not transparent which can change the eye color completely. If you have dark eyes, you can use this type of tent to change the eye color. You can find these tints in hazel green, blue, violet, brown and gray.

Picking the Right Color

Do you know which colored contact lenses will suit you the best?  Well, it depends on factors like hair color and skin tone.  Then you need to pay attention to the looks which you want to achieve. Whether you want subtle, natural looking or dramatic and daring looks, it depends on you.

  • If you have light eyes- you want to change the appearance, you may choose the enhancement which defines the edges of the iris and deepens the natural color as well, however, if you want to select a different eye color while you are still looking natural, you may go with gray or green color.
  • If you have dark eyes- the opaque colored tints are the best choice. If you want natural-looking change, then you can try light honey brown or hazel colored lens.


When you are buying colored Toriccontact lenses, you should prefer one that goes best with your eyes!

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