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Few tips to avoid skin rashes during summer


In the summer season, the temperature will be very heavy due to that our skin might come across some problems. In these season people are very much interested in going for vacations, sunbathing, swimming and it is the best time for sports and spend time with family. People are more very excited to go for a walk because of the heat people cannot stay inside the house without a fan or AC because there is excessive sweating. It is the season where people have more water based items more like ice- cream, juice, cucumber, tender coconut etc… In this season human beings might get cold fever cough because of the cold things which we are eating from the refrigerator. Many of them face the problem of rashes because of temperature variations.

Here are some tips to avoid skin rashes during summer

Heat Rash

It is a skin condition that often affects children and adults who are very active playing in the hot sun. This heat rash happens when the pores of the skin become block and sweat cannot escape. This heat rash might give you itchiness or prickly sensations. Even the part of the rashes becomes red. There may be a lot of sweat in that particular area. These rashes can be seen during warmer months.

Solution: Use the soap which won’t dry your skin and does not have fragrances. Keep your body cool by applying the prickly hit powder, do not make your body overheated. Do not use thick cream or lotion it might clog your pores. Avoid using tight cloth which does not allow the skin to breathe.

Sun Rash

This might happen when the person gets exposed to direct sun or people might be exposed to some chemicals, fragrances, dyes etc which is called photodermatitis. This occurs when your immune system reacts to UV rays. This causes groups of small bumps or blisters which might be in the hands or few parts of the body. This also causes itchy red patches and those places of the skin start feel like burning

Solution: For this home, remedies aren’t the best way and you have to consult a doctor for the best cure. The cold compress or cold bath give you relief from itchiness. If the rashes are painful you should not scratch it because it might lead to infection.

Skin allergies

Skin rashes are of different types and skin allergies which also occur in summer and spring seasons when many substances that can cause allergies to the skin. Plants, pollens, animals might be the reason for skin allergies. Hives are one of the types of skin allergy which is an inflammation of the skin triggered when the immune system releases histamine. This causes small blood cells to leak which leads to swelling of the skin. Eczema kind of skin allergy which is worse in summer especially excess sweating.

Chronic Skin Conditions

A lot of people chronic skin conditions may find the symptoms worsen during summer. For this kind of allergies, you might have to contact the doctor and people with such conditions has to take special precautions.

Here are different types of skin allergies which always occur during summer.

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