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What are the benefits of Coral and It influence in Your Life?

What are the benefits of Coral and It influence in Your Life?

Gemstone facts For Coral (Moonga)

Among the many astrological techniques to appease the bad-effects of a particular planet or planets in an individual’s horoscope or to improve the positive result, wearing of gemstones is maybe the most effective one. Gemstones are natural and effective remedies to get of rid of any Dosha. Lets Know which gemstone is suitable and helpful for you by the best astrologer in jaipur. Gemstones pull all good Vaastu towards us, if we wear any gemstone by consulting any astrologer. Being an astrologer I suggest you to don’t wear any gemstone without consulting any astrologer as it have some bad effect on your life. Gemstones are suggest by astrologer according to your natal chart and planetary position in Your birth chart. 

Astrologers set different gemstones linked with different dashas and planets. Gemstones are said to offer a change in well being since ancient time . They are believed to give positivity and healing effects to the individual who wears. Red Coral or Moonga is one with these. Found, grasp deep in the seabed, Red Coral cannot be appeared as a stone, but it is formed by the accretion of a definite organism named as Isis Nobiles.

It is a wonderful natural gemstone structured by the skeletons of syrupy marine creatures known as polyps. Red Coral is usually given to counter the bad-effects of Planet Mangal(Mars) and is also recommended to those who have Mangal Dosha in their Kundali. The Red coral is recommended for the subjects who need to make peace the Mangal and ward off the troubles and problems caused by its wrong placement in the horoscope. It has astonishing remedial properties to show happiness to such an level that the wearer understanding change in color in case of any physical illness. You can also consult Our best tarot card reader in delhi for any queries via phone call or WhatsApp.


Representing the source of power or energy, Mars or Mangal, Red Coral acts as power cell and also helps in the conclusion of occasions. Wearing Red Coral has numerous advantages attached to it.

  • Those issues who are into the company of metals, weapons, agriculture products and associated services, IT security, surgery, controlling of cyber crimes, chemicals, , dentistry shall be get advantage by the wearing of the Red coral.
  • Those issues who are suffering from illness such as breast, mouth, bone cancers, blood, stomach, neurological issues, low hemoglobin, breathing difficulties, hernia, hemorrhoids, painful delivery, kidney related problems, paralysis, or in any kind operation and surgery, many other physical problems are advised to wear Red coral.
  • It is accommodating in increasing physical power and makes bones stronger. It is helpful in Scorpio or Snake bites. It is helpful in tumbling laziness as it fills the wearer with energy and strength. The Red Coral provides the wearer courage, daring, and the resolve to face the hardest of odds and enemies.

And above all, it is helpful in mitigating the bad-effects of Mangal Dosha. You can consult our expert tarot card reader in delhi via phone and WhatsApp also.


Moonga or Red coral has like other substance of the world has some disadvantages linked to it. If worn without recommended an astrologer, it can unenthusiastically impact the life of the wearer. Some of them are listed below:

  • The hematological issues might surge on wearing it without correct consultation.
  • Creates marriage problems.
  • The behavior of wearer might create bitterness in general people.
  • A picky attitude might occur.
  • The unfavorable effects of overconfidence might face.

Which size of Red Coral be worn for best effect?

One can wear Red Coral of 4 to 9 carats. It must be put into gold, silver or copper as these metals represent planet Mars and help us to reduce the bad effect of Mangal Dosha. Tuesday is the most favorable day for worshipping Mars, that’s why the ring has to be wear on Tuesday with morning worship of Mars. After wearing, this gem will show its result within 9 days and will remain vigorous for 3 years. After 3 years, the gem will turn into inactive and needs to be replaced with new one if needed. For best consequences, select the series of red corals from Italian or Japanese coral. Be cautious while choosing the coral because cheap and fake gem can have harmful consequences. Large sized Red Corals are usually more powerful. Those suffering from constant tiredness, demonization and other issues are the ones who probable require Red Coral.

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