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The Secret Of Using Soil Of This Place In Maa Durga Idol Making By Sculpture Artist

Durga Idol

The Secret Of Using Soil Of This Place In Maa Durga Idol Making By Sculpture Artist

Jai Maa Durga, the secret of using soil of this place in my Durga idol making by indian sculpture artist will astonish you. The sculptures are made by soil are not only just a Sculptures but it contains the power that soil. I know you will think that what I am saying. But you will get my words by reading this article. The Moral of this article is god is from all and for all.

In India, all religions and their custom are holy; while some have crystal-clear enlightenment, others live only because there has been an age-old do. And, among them is the renowned yet an unexplained practice of using soil from the ground of sex-workers to practice Durga Idols in Kolkata. While the entire North and West India celebrates the 9 holy days earlier to Dusshera as Navratras; in the East the celebration is pragmatic as Durga Puja.

Society’s Insincerity

It is no secret as how some women are subjected towards cruel treatment, some are avoided from society, a few insulted and ill-pleased throughout the year. But, during Navratras they are worshipped and measured fortunate; call it hypocrisy at its max out. The worst affected segment of society is about sex-workers, all their live they are ascribed with slangs, but during Navratra, individuals multitude at their doorsteps with courteous smiles begging for some soil from their land.

Visit to Nishiddho Pallis

According to Hindu customs, for the preparation of Durga idol, 4 things are of extreme importance- sludge from the banks of the Ganga, cow dung, cow urine and soil from a prostitute’s land or Nishiddho Pallis. Together the mixture constitutes the holy idol of Goddess Durga; without the sand from a prostitutes’ land, the idol is measured incomplete. This one tradition has been obtainable on for years, but no one knows the exact reason why it’s happening.

What You Give Is What You Get

Today, we will tell you all about the causes and ways how the ‘Punya Maati’ or holy soil is collected. The process of seeking the sludge from the land of a sex-worker is sacred and dramatic at the same time. It is said, the high priest of the temple has to go and beg at the step of brothel or sex-worker’s home, for some sludge for the Durga Maa idol. While she acquire the sand, the priest charmed Vedic mantras. It is supposed that even if she denies, the priest has to keep requesting for the soil.


With changing times not just priests, but even the statue makers today, visit brothels or prostitute’s residence to search for the holy soil. Kumortuli in Kolkata is habitually a potter’s land, where numerous soil idols of gods and goddesses are equipped in larger numbers for celebrations and export purposes. After searching the Internet in-n-out and talking to Bengali friends and their families in Kolkata, I did all and came around with not one, but four probable reasons behind this revered ritual.

Punya Maati or Holy Soil

As per many believers and bloggers on the web, the soil from the prostitute’s land is the purest and sacred because it beholds the best quality and purity of those who visited the place. It is said that whenever a man visits a prostitute, he leaves behind his purity and virtue on her doorway. So, all the pureness gets accumulate outside her house. Hence, this ‘punya maati’ becomes an obvious element in the Durga Maa Murti.

Essence of energy

According to some Hindu priests, before the fatal fight amid Maa Durga and Mahishasur, the latter tried to criticize her dignity and attempted molestation. Angered by this shame, Durga Maa used all her power and anger to destroy Mahishasur, who looked down upon women. For this cause, it is believed that using of soil from outside a brothel should be treated as a respect to those women, who have been browbeaten and shamed by society.

Removal their sins

It is thought that the path they have chosen to escort their life is a sin in itself, and for that reason counting the soil of their land for Durga idol making, purifies them during the procedure. Also, while they give the soil to the priest, and among the mantras enchanted by the end, souls of prostitutes are relieved. This proved that the god is from all and for all.

How sculptures are made

The sculptures are made with Vedic vastu Shastra which help us to mold any statue correctly. As per Lord sculpture artist the making of the statue has not just made it. But it has some rule and regulation which define the shape and things in a sculpture. And all Vedic sculpture artists have knowledge of good Vastu for sculpture development. For more you can consult our dev sthapana consultants.

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