Thu. Feb 20th, 2020

Total Contracting made Chimney Repair and Rubbish Removal Easy

Total Contracting is a provider of excellence stone work and chimney repairServices.

Working with Total Contracting Chimney Repair Specialist means you will always work with an organization that sends uniformed, trained representatives to every work.

Chimney services can be a significantcomponent of your house hold safety. Our devotion to details and our commitment to the client has helped make Total Contracting a recognized name.

What we offer

Does your chimney require cleaning? Here at Total Contracting Chimney Repair services in Ottawa, we offer more than chimneyrepairservices. We offer crown fix, chimney caps, furnace liners and fireplace, gas logs and a wide diversity of fireplace accessories.

Why choose us?

We are glad to offer you superiorclientsatisfaction. With our reputation providing chimney repair services in Ottawa you can be sure about our work.

You can our expert team to care about making you feel great with the work we do, and you can trust us and you can trust us to only staff reliable, trustworthy experts. If you need to have some work of your chimney done, or some repairing, just schedule your work and contact us. In a chance that you require chimney fix or simply need to plan a cleaning, get in touch with us for a free for a free quote on our services!

So here is a guide if you are looking for rubbish removal service in Ottawa

Contact us

Just let  usknow what needs to be taken away and cleared. It may be a whole room, various household bits or a single heavy object. You can send us photos of the rubbishor the list of items.

Get a statement

On basis of the description (or pictures) of your rubbish, we will be able to provide you a rough estimate of the work. It would be ideal if you remember that the last statement for your clearance service will be given once the work is fully done.

Set your appointment

You can chooseanytime of the day, anytime, any day of week, even weekends and bank holidays.

Meet The Waste rubbish removal Team in Ottawa

You can have the majority of your rubbish assembled conveniently and prepared for the pick up or you can leave all the work to the professionals. It would be ideal if you ensure that the group will approach the rubbish/things for disposal.

Say goodbye to the waste

Once everything is removed and properlyloaded into the vehicle, the waste removalexperts will set course for the nearest tip to dispose of it. All you have to do next is to enjoy all that newly acquired free space

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